Sri Yantra - why is it on every pair of Sacred Seed Collection Antidote pants?

There is so much to be found in the Sri Yantra that it cannot all be covered here. Below are the "tips of the iceberg" of why I chose the incredible Sri Yantra as the form that I literally hand block print on every pair of Sacred Seed Collection Antidote pants.

First, the triangles - There are Four isosceles triangles with the apices upwards, representing Shiva or the Masculine. Then there are Five isosceles triangles with the apices downward, symbolizing female embodiment Shakti. Thus the Sri Yantra represents the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine.

9 Triangles

4 Up

5 Down

Together the nine triangles are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web symbolic of the entire cosmos or a womb symbolic of creation. Together they express Advaita or non-duality.

To me, a Seed represents the creation of the Universe. It IS all there is, because it is the origin of the physical realm. This fits nicely with what I've described so far or the Sri Yantra.

Second, the Invisible Bindu Point in center. This is the power point, visualizing the highest, the invisible, elusive centre from which the entire figure and the cosmos expand. The Sri Yantra is purposefully placed in the center of the pants, and as such, in the center of us while we're wearing them.

Third, the triangles are enclosed by two rows of (8 and 16) petals, representing the lotus of creation and reproductive vital force. The location chosen for the Sri Yantra on the Sacred Seed Antidote Pants is no mistake. Our reproductive vital force is right there.

Fourth, the broken lines of the outer frame denote the figure to be a sanctuary with four openings to the regions of the universe.

The Sri Yantra is a tool to give a vision of the totality of existence, so that the adept may internalize it's symbols for the ultimate realization of this unity with the cosmos.

What if clothing was sacred? 

Every pair of Sacred Seed Collection Antidote pants is embossed with this sacred symbol right in the root. I designed these pants as Sacred clothing you can be active in, instead of active wear you feel guilty in.

Blake Ward

-Seed Owner & Founder (with excerpts from Wikipedia).


On a mission to live with less in all aspects of my life. I bought a pair of Seed pants last spring (2020) and I’ve been wearing them everyday since. They are my one pant. They are the best pants I’ve ever owned. Thank you so much Blake + team for the vision and creation of these!
My favourite perk of these pants: (aside from being 100% ethical and 200% comfy) the pockets are large and deeeeep. I can fit a kindle or a book in the one, a Polaroid camera, or a beer in the other. Literally, the best. Thank you. 🙏🏼

Syd Daoust June 14, 2021

Hey Blake just wanted to reach out and say how much I LOVE these sacred seed pants, and how I’ve been getting loads of comments on them at the yoga studios and the rock gym. People keep saying, “I love your pants, what are those?” and I am very happy to share with them about Seed. Much Gratitude.

Jacob Ellis October 23, 2018

I didn’t notice that in the pants I tried on the other day.

Eve Thorne July 16, 2018

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