Congratulations!.. You got yourself a Seed bracelet. So, what's it all about?

The Seed bracelet is part of our 'No Packaging' movement to have no throwaway tags or bags on any Seed clothing. Each colourful tag gets reused as a bookmark, and the hemp string is your very own Seed bracelet stylized with a Dragon Blood Jasper stone. Tie it on and set an intention. When the bracelet naturally falls off, it is said that your intention has been realized.


Why Dragon Blood Jasper?

Dragon Blood Jasper is connected to the earth and encourages ecological awareness. As a result it brings stability and balance. It is particularly useful for alleviating environmental stress. It facilitates deep meditation, centering and regression to past lives. This stone improves night vision, encourages astral travel and stimulates the earth chakra. This is a good vibe to have tied on your wrist that goes everywhere with you.


Multiple Use Shipping Bags

Have you seen the Seed multiple use shipping bag? All Seed items arrive in the mail, then, keep this natural brown paper shipping bag as your new grocery shipping bag! Stop single use consumer goods. Ask for multiple use items - insist on natural, recyclable, biodegradable items like this Seed shipping/grocery bag! And feel more in what you wear!!