These are literally the best pair of pants I've ever owned

The Antidote (ron burgundy)

$243 CAD
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

- Unisex -  Seed Pants are for men and women.

Hemp has been grown since 8,000 BC and still requires no pesticides or herbicides to grow! It is an impeccable fabric in these Harem Pants for it’s strength, comfort and ability to adapt through changing weather conditions.

These pants will grow with you. Expect them to get softer and softer with use.

Ideal for daily lifestyle like hiking, traveling, meditation, light yoga, rock climbing and music festivals

  • 55% Organic Hemp
  • 41% Organic Cotton
  • 4% Spandex


Your Favourite Pants Ever. Guaranteed.

Try them and fall in love the minute you pull Seed Pants over your body. And if they're not your favourite pants ever after 30 days, simply contact us at for a full refund of your item, even if they've been worn.

Yes, you can wear them for 30 days! After 28,000+ happy adventurers have made the switch to Seed Pants, we're confident you'll love being part of the vibrant Seed Community too.


Simply let us know what you need repaired! We have all our industrial sewing machines on hand and can help you. Some repairs will cost around $45. For repairs, submit a message right on our contact page.

Exchanges & Returns

Please contact us for help with an exchange or return on our contact page.

Returns policy

Try your Seed Pants for a full 30-days and if they're not your favourite pants ever, simply contact us for the return and refund of your item. 

Shipping is not part of the guarantee and will not be refunded. Your pants are what's guaranteed and will be refunded upon arrival back to us.

Return Shipping

If you're in Canada, contact us and we will send you a return shipping label and deduct $16 from the refund of your item for the return shipping cost. If you're in the USA contact us for return instructions.

To keep your Seed garments lasting for years:


Choose the right size. Ultra tight fitting clothing will wear sooner and pull at the seams

Wash Less

Washing machines wear out clothing, so simply said - wash less and your garments will last longer. Personally I only wash my Seed garments when I get a stain on them or have worn them a multiple of times

Wash Cold Hang Dry

When you do wash your Seed garments, choose the coldest water setting and never use the dryer. Warm (or hot) water sets stains in the fabric (plus it's harder on your fibres). So hang your garments (indoors is best as sun bleaching can occur on these dyes). Putting items in the dryer beats them up and thins your fabric (think of where all that lint came from that's in your lint tray - it's your clothes!). Bonus Tips .. Separate light and dark colours so your darker colours don't bleed into your lighter ones, and avoid overloading your machine as friction is bad for all fabrics

Natural Detergent

Avoid bleach and softeners. Bleach damages your fabrics and softeners coat your garments in a thin film that impedes the positive natural attributes of breathability, anti-static, and thermoregulation (moisture and temperature control)

Storage Travel

Your clothing likes to breathe. Natural fabric travel bags breathe. Plastic and synthetic bags do not. And folded clothes wrinkle. Hang your clothes to lessen wrinkles

Stain Guide

Treat stains immediately. Warm or hot water for 'fatty' stains only! Cold water for everything else (wine, chocolate, coffee, blood, grass, berries etc). Use gentle detergents and scrub lightly. A heavy detergent and heavy scrubbing might get the stain out, but may also affect your garment colour and fabric integrity in the process. For this reason avoid bleach or other harsh stain removers. You may need to repeat the natural stain removing steps multiple times depending on stain severity. If you're still seeing a stain we recommend to take it to your community cleaner as they specialize in stain removal while generally knowing what to use on what fabrics

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