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It's time to break through.

I used to be so intimidated by "cool" local markets. I would walk down the centre of each isle not daring to make eye contact with the vendors, out of fear of their well, coolness. And now I am one!

Why was I so scared? Well, they were so damn cool. They made all the coolest stuff, locally. They dressed with great style and laughed with their friends. All the while the scent of fresh locally brewed coffee hit the air, and the sound of live music gave me goosebumps.

I was awe struck.

I told myself, one day I will be like them. I will love the way I dress and laugh with my inspiring friends. I will be a maker, have a workshop, and sell my handmade goods at local markets.

Now that I am on this side, I want you to know, that you inspire me. The one walking down the middle of the isles. I look forward to designing clothing for you. I am inspired by your lifestyle of yoga, playing in the mountains, and everything vogue you need great clothing for. Plus, I know you have great style and that I have to keep you inspired. This is why I make these clothes, because you inspire me to.

We have extraordinary new designs that I have been sewing up all week for you. First, an earth friendly hemp and organic cotton t-shirt called the 'Sherpa tee.' Second, our ultra comfy and stylish Antidote pants in three brand new Sacred Seed Collection choices. I welcome you to hang out with me and my friends at Market Collective this weekend. After all, you might just be one of us.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

-Seed Founder

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