Started from the kitchen, now we here!

We have now had you, the Seed community, purchase from over 50 countries world-wide!

Starting from my kitchen table with a sewing machine 10-years ago YOU have made Seed what it is today.

Not bad for a little sewing company in small town Canada 😉

Comment below and let me know where in the world you are!👇


Hi, I am from Dublin California. I am the proud owner of 5 pairs of Seed Pants! I appreciate all of your hard work and the great service that you provide. Thank you!

Noel Sivazlian-Rodela September 03, 2021

Philadelphia PA, USA

Eva Marie September 03, 2021

I’m in Oaxaca Mexico

Eddie September 03, 2021

Fellow Canadian! Woodstock, Ontario. Over 50 countries…….that’s amazing!!!! Love my Seed pants! 😊

Cathy O'Regan September 03, 2021

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