How to Design Products

Longboard . Freedom . Leaves . Nourishment . How to design products.

I found a patch of asphalt to longboard on my last day on the north shore. I kept noticing the juxtaposition of these leaves on the road as I cruised by, and this thought popped into my head:

Tree's do not produce "no emissions." In fact they are "emitting" things all the time. They litter leaves, seeds and bark, and they "off gas" oxygen. All of these "emissions" benefit the tree's environment and the rest of the world. 
So many of the things humans make do not follow this natural design. What humans have been making emits toxins and wastes that do not break down. SO, what if instead, we designed cars, clothing, and homes in a new (but old) way, like a tree?

There are companies declaring goals by 2025 like "no emissions" and "target zero." But producing "no emissions" and "zero" of anything would be like saying "never exhale" or "never urinate" to a human. We would get pretty full if we had "no emissions." Instead of our goal being no emissions - we need to be part of the natural flow of nature, so our products, cars and clothing "emit" positive things for the environment.

Hemp and organic cotton clothing, and natural dyes can be a nourishment to the soil, unlike polyester which can not...

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Love this. Brilliant insight 🙌🏼🌲🍃🏵️

Ashley August 06, 2019

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