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They say 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body... This, is the origin of the blog you are now reading.

Have you ever watched one of those future sci-fi movies? In it, all the people wear grey, shiny, matching suits that make you never want to live on a space ship. Who would? The air quality on an airplane gets stale enough after a five hour flight. Imagine 50 years. No lakes. No fresh mountain air. No wildlife. Is that even life? ..Ok where was I? Yeah, shiny silver suits..

I used to wear polyester clothing, modern day’s shiny silver suits, disguised as activewear. Like anybody, not knowing the chemicals that my clothes contained, I went about my workouts and yoga. And then, I found out.

I've been sweating in these plastic activewear suits camouflaged as clothing for 15 years! “What the eff” yoga class, in the mountains, the spin studio, you know, everywhere we humans do anything active. Even in my day to day, my clothes rub against me and abrade, and on this day where I found out that my skin is like a sponge, absorbing everything that rubs or sweats on it, I had enough.

I decided right then I wanted to quit wearing polyester FOREVER. I got mad that I was lied to. Why would a brand ever sell me this? What brand, salesperson, or store would ever recommend such a thing to a human being? They are exposing people to toxic chemicals in clothing known to cause respiratory diseases, infertility, nausea, headaches and cancer.

I got so mad. My mind was made up. I was not going to wear polyester ever again, but then immediately I fell on one massive problem. Now, what would I wear?! Cotton is no better than polyester. Unless it’s organic, cotton can have just as many harmful chemicals.

A trip to the hemp shop on 17th avenue produced a new hemp t-shirt. I had changed my world with just one purchase I thought, but man, was this thing ugly. The shirt was all brown, and it hung off of me. The arm holes were too big and so was the body, but it fit in the shoulders and it was my ‘size.’ In short it was not a designed shirt. It was shit.

So I had to make another trip. The next trip I made was a stop in at the sewing machine store. After 30 short minutes I left the store with a $1,300 machine under my arm. I couldn't find what I wanted to wear ANYWHERE, so now, I was going to make it.

Here's a clip of me attempting to use my new sewing machine. The video clips even made it into my very first Kickstarter video. I launched a Kickstarter campaign in my second year of Seed.

So far from shiny silver future suits, Seed is about clothing that comes from the earth’s organic soils, and returns to them when it’s use value is over. In the middle time, the use value period, humans get functionally brilliant, chemical free clothing, that they can feel healthy being active in.

If polyester clothing abrades chemicals (more on this in future blog posts), and our skin is like a sponge soaking it all in, then I realized that we humans are literally eating our clothing. We are digesting it and plugging up our vital organs as they try to filter out a bombardment of far too many chemicals. I decided that if I am literally digesting my clothing through my skin, that it better be organic and natural, just like my food. So I pulled on a hemp tee shirt, grabbed a pair of Seed pants fresh off my new sewing machine, slide them on, and then I ate my clothes.


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I love your message of truth, your product, and your sense of humour, fantastic.

Tracey PIllon January 26, 2017

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