I've always wanted to do something special

 ..I had a dream of playing hockey in the NHL, and I got close. I was drafted to the Colorado Avalanche and won a gold medal with Team Canada. Being in the moment of creation, as a goaltender, was my favourite part. I loved the games, and even practices when I was fully present - just me and the play that was happening, making a huge save, and feeling the rush of giving it everything.

Now, I get to feel a rush on another level. I always wanted to do something special, and ten years ago I bought a sewing machine that I didn’t know how to use, and started sewing Seed’s first designs. What I love about sewing and design now, is the same feeling that I had in hockey - being in the moment of creation, fully present - just me and what’s happening, feeling the rush of giving it everything and producing what I believe is the world’s healthiest clothing.

 To the creators everywhere, and you reading this, keep the stoke, keep your creative juices flowing, and keep being in the moment.

All my love,





Hi Blake, Thank you for sharing. I just finished a creative project when I decided to check my emails. Your note was there and described exactly what I pulled my head out of. Being totally in the space of what I was creating and giving it my all. Have a lovely weekend, Carla

Carla Wolff October 29, 2021

I have to say I have fallen in love with these pants ❤️
I just received my second pair.
Incredibly well made and thought out.
They keep getting better with each wash and with very little fading of color.
Keep up the solid work.
Cheers 🙏

Zane Vandermoor October 29, 2021

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