Simple Ways to Connect with Nature...

Y'all know how much we love nature and we're super stoked to share some amazing ways to plug into Mama N that will have you present to all her glory and leave you feeling 1000%, having soaked in all that she has to give. 

    • Community gardening or farming. Gardening with neighbours on shared land offers the chance to grow your own produce (what's healthier than that?!), build relationships, and spend time working outdoors. Some local programs also teach basic farming tasks like tending animals or crops.
    • Outdoor Cold Dips. One of Blake's personal favorites (borrowed from the infamous Wim Hof) there is nothing more refreshing (especially in summer!) than jumping into a cold river or lake. Hike in, enjoy the scenery and plunge on in to feel all the benefits mother nature can provide for a healthy heart, a strong immune system, well-balanced mental health, and increased energy 
    • Forest bathing. Slightly more than a walk in the park, this practice encourages the mindful use of your five senses as you ramble through forests or similarly tree-heavy settings. Take off your shoes and ground down into the forest floor. Smell all the smells and, hug a tree while you're there. 
    • Outdoor meditation and yoga. Yoga and meditation offer well-established benefits and can be even more rewarding outside. Bring your mat to the park, beach or forest and see how nature can amp up your flow. 
    • Community Clean Ups. Not everyone treats our planet how it deserves to be treated. Community clean up initiatives are a great way to not only be outside appreciating nature but, to also give back to it. And, the great news is that community clean up can happen whether it's an organized event or not; you can do your part anytime!

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite ways to connect with nature. 

Much Love, 



My favorite way to Nature is Yaotilliztli (the science, and tantamount to art ) of my consciousness as a reasoning being sharing this place, I refer to as my Guardian, The Planet Earth. My converse within the self, Tezkatlipoca, guides my Yaotilliztli toward actualizing my visualization for my shared presence here by Nature.

My second way to nature is organizing the environment. I live within the realm of a oil fueled industrial city. Nature is not difficult to find here within the confines of this city; however, the city does enact policies to whelm their peer pressure toward neglecting a person’s relation to nature’s qualities, and nature’s potential on a person.

Thank you Seed. This kind moment is inspiring me to continue with my motivation to maintain sustainable with Nature.

Obscure Lump Luminous Mind June 25, 2021

love you guys thanks for info have Great Day

Dave White June 25, 2021

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