They told me I was crazy!

When I declared that I would transform the clothing industry, people told me I was crazy...

"It's risky", they said. ⁣

"You don't even know how to sew", they reminded me. ⁣

"You and your big ideas", they dismissed. ⁣

But, guess what? I did it anyway. I started Seed from my kitchen table and took on transforming the fashion industry. I was compelled to make a difference because once I saw what was happening in the industry, I couldn't un-see it. ⁣

How could I feel good knowing:

  • that “mainstream” synthetic clothing is made of fabric that leaches harmful chemicals into my body as I wear it?!
  • about the impact on our planet from the pollution that is a by-product of how that fabric is made?!
  • the horrific, unethical conditions that an innocent worker had to endure/ risk just to sew it?!? ⁣

"It's just the way it is...", they resigned.⁣

"If powers that be don’t see anything wrong with it, I wouldn't worry about it", they justified. ⁣

"There are bigger problems for people to worry about", they assured me. ⁣


Have you've ever felt such conviction for a passion, cause or a movement that nothing anyone said could stop you? Comment below and share what it was and about your "why". 

Much love, 


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